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We Are End-Time Illusion

Centuries of disinformation broadcast by controlling leaders coupled with the dogma of arcane religions has led us to believe that the impending end-time is a product of the falling off the path of righteousness; that we somehow live in a delusion of our own excess, self made morality and ethics.

May we present to you the End-Time Illusion. The purveyors of weapons of mass destruction, holy wars, and ecological devastation may fool the masses into believing that unique free thinkers are the cause of the degradation of humanity. However, to the contrary, common sense indicates that the harbingers of fear based propaganda essentially use tools to curtail sentient beings from a satisfying life of personal creativity and philosophical freedom and in actuality are at the root cause of the downward spiral of humanity. The path to awakening is by way of the antinomian.

The message is brought to you by the quintet of Dave Sharpe and Scott Kadish on guitar, Gary Godreau on bass, Yanni Sofianos on drums, and Adam Sloan on vocals. The music of the group is a blend of what the band considers the essential elements of modern heavy metal: aggression, technicality, with the polarities of melody and atonality, blinding speed and breakdowns. Lyrics offer a dark perspective on the history and future of humanity.

In 2005 E-TI released "So Below" through Spare Change Records, and the well received follow-up "Eminent Profane" on the same label in 2008. Regional and national tours followed in support of both releases. After working through some transitions to solidify the most potent line-up and consistently enticing music, E-TI is set to release their third installment in 2013.

end time illusion monson guitars

Dave Sharpe plays Monson Guitars

Noble and Cooley

Yanni Sofianos plays Noble and Cooley snares